Competitions and Exams


Karen Hardy Studios offers a cool and fun environment for children to learn to dance and develop as young people.

And when you are being taught new dance skills and techniques we feel is it very important to set goals and monitor progress effectively. That’s why we have adopted a two-tier dance assessment, which has been proven to motivate children at a pace they are comfortable with.

Several times a year, children at the studio are given the opportunity to take part in our in-house assessment programme, just as our adult members do. Split by age-group and ability, and often in the company of Karen herself, the young dancers can strive for an examiner’s report, and feedback on their progress and what’s required to rise to the next level.

The children follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) syllabus and the assessments usually serve as a ‘mock’ test for any subsequent ISTD exams (essential should they wish to qualify for further dance competitions). Each dancer will receive constructive feedback and a medal upon completion.

We are also visited at various times throughout the year by an ISTD external examiner where children have the chance to perform for medals which carry worldwide recognition, as well as allow them to rise to the next level of their dancing journey!

To discover more about our children’s Assessment Days please call the Studio on 0207 731 7316.

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